Ever wonder how it feels to be #1? The one, unique and only one. Engineering students strive hard to make it on top of the annual board exams. The same goes with law students who spend countless sleepless nights just so they will emerge as the best of the bar examinees. Athletes battle it out for that gold. Boxers literally punch their way for the championship. Basically, everyone wants to be the one. Its a competition. The person above everyone else. The guy others look up to. The best among the rest. The winner. Who doesn’t want to be? Who doesn’t like to be the winner that’s gonna take the price? But the truth is someone must fall behind. There must be a 2nd finisher. A runner up. A consolation. Not everyone can be a winner. Not everyone can fill that single spot on top. Everyone must yield and give way for that lucky bastard who manage to best them all.

That is me. And I just have to admit it. Like it or not, that’s the reality. I’m the loser.


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