If only I could tell the world how much I care for you, how important you are to me, how much I wanted you to meet my mother, my sister, my brothers, my niece, my rockstar cousin and everyone that is part of me, it will be great. There are some things in life that we cannot just confront to submit to our whims and whines and I can only accept that fact despite my protest. The fact that sometimes there are people who can fall in love with each other but will never ever be together. But still, until the faint light of the candle of hope in the darkness of this reality ceases to glow, I am here to stay. To watch over you. To care for you. To talk sweet and sexy things to you. To play my guitar for you (just bear with its metalness). To make you laugh. To make you feel giddy. To make you feel beautiful and wonderful. To inspire you. To love you with all my heart until the day you say yes…

To him 😦


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