You might ask me, why did I chose to stay even if I knew there is no light at the end of all of this? I say, you’re not going to throw away something that make you smile, makes you feel joyful and optimistic, do you? Never regret something that made you happy; that is the mantra of people who live harmonious lives. But how can you feel joy in the midst of pain? Honestly, I don’t know. The only way I can describe it is.. Its like drugs. Ecstasy. Stone. Dope. Its addicting. Once you fall into it, there’s no easy way out. You can’t just walk away like nothing had ever happened. You can’t just forget about everything. There’s no overnight cure for it. All you can do is to just ride away with the euphoria of it. The sensation of heaven within yourself. The fly-high to the atmosphere above without ever leaving the ground. You can float and dance in the air all you want, gravity be damned. So you can safely say that I’m crazy. Yes I am. If crazy is the correct euphemism to describe someone deeply in love with you, then I’ll gleefully embrace that brand. It makes me high, it left me strung out. I was totally blitzed and wasted. This is absolute madness, but it’s worth the ride. As much as I want to get out of this mess, I just can’t. I just can’t ditched something that’s already an integral part of me. An important piece of my soul. The force that holds together my universe. The sun by which my desolate planet revolves. The reason why I can still see an oasis in this burnt-out paradise. I am here to stay no matter what.. coz you’re all that I’ve got.



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