My thoughts in the middle of the night is you, always will be you. Its the middle of the day actually for I am here working myself sleepless in the evening. Its bloody cold here, the chill sending shivers down my spine. But I still manage to make myself cozy with my jacket, and my longing for you. I’m missing your embrace big time already. In this frigid work floor where I am, I can only think, in my wildest imagination, of you hugging me from behind with your hair dangling in front of my face and its smells so good. The warmth of your cuddle is what endeared you to me the most. Perhaps its because of your restrained love for me. The love that can never be. The love I will never have. My mind is constantly yelling at me about it. It might be just a delusion of yourself it says. The love that could only be a fantasy I’m cruelly indulging myself in. The infatuation of the heart that cares so much for you it forgot to care for itself. I’m so used to being solitary, but I still feel so alone in the universe without you. My cosmos is cold but it feels even colder without your presence.

I miss you so much. It feels chilly tonight. Ano kaya ang pakiramdam na kayakap kita? I I guess I might not be able to know…


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