Its very easy for you to let go of me, while its a devastating contrary to myself. You can always restrain yourself from talking to me, while I will eat my pride as a man to submit to my heart’s demand of staying in contact with you. I’m just an entity in your life you can just think about now and forget later while you are the very reason that’s keeping me sane. There’s always someone who will catch you when you fall while I have no one behind me. It seems the odds are always against me, but you can play with all of it at will! You are surrounded by wonderful people while I am in the middle of a stupid crowd. You can be happy without me while I don’t even know the concept of happiness without you. You got everything but I have nothing here but you.

I need to go back to sleep but my thoughts of you fill my mind. When I close my eyes, all I can see is your pretty face and sweet smile. And then it will remind me what I am to you. I’m just a crazy stupid app that you can always delete if you want, begging you do not. It makes me very sad. :,(


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All around asshole
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