Congratulations Manny! Fuck that #Pinoypride

Manny Pacquiao comes out of retirement and defeated WBO Welterweight champion Jessie Vargas via unanimous decision on the afternoon of November 6, Manila time.


The match was a clear testament that despite his age, Pacman can still tear through any opponent he faces. This was proven during round 2, when Pacquiao connects on a solid left that sent Vargas to the canvas to the roars of the audience on the ring side and at the presence of a prominent foe. The result of the fight, however, was decided using scores rather than the spectacular knockouts we saw during Pacman’s prime. Overall the event is a huge crowd-pleaser; save for the lack of opponents rolling down the canvas.

And as usual right after every victory of Pacquiao, social medias are overflowing with Pinoy chauvinism:


It became an annoying phenomenon – even to Filipinos themselves – in the social media landscape ever since Pacman started executing western boxers inside the ring. Its so weird that one would find himself drowned with the flood of #ProudToBePinoy hashtags in their feeds. This exaggerated display of patriotism is a sign that Filipinos see themselves as a special people from the rest of the world and  thus deserve special respect. Personally, I really despise this kind of attitude because, indirectly, it promotes racism and how it fits in on Adolf Hitler’s view of the Aryan race in the

20th century that gave birth to Nazism. As George Carlin puts it:


I wish I could spray something in the air that would dispel this jingoistic gas that blankets the social media landscape because for sure, idiots would use this to defend Pacquiao’s controversial views and political ambitions that is absolutely way out of what he is capable of. He is not a people’s champ if he openly deplores a particular group of people (LGBT’s) nor he represents the common people regardless of convictions if he invokes his beliefs as justifications in legislating laws. And being a Senator of the Republic is a duty and responsibility that is vested to him by the nation so it would be righteous for the people to demand he place more time to it and just set aside his other plans and commitments that obviously put strains to his duties.

Of course, all of these will become irrelevant if he would just stay in boxing and stop meddling on everything else. Congratulations to your victory Sen. Emmanuel Pacquiao.


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