Its hard to impress someone with your abilities who already has a preconceived notion that your aptitude, base on his twisted set of standards, is worthless. Its impossible to persuade that kind of bigoted person. He has a prejudice that is impregnable even to empiricism because he firmly believes his eminence is absolute and is at the center of the universe. Yours is inferior, deserve to be relegated only behind the shadows of his righteous opinions. You cannot convince him using reason and logic for he would just resort to the escapist’s “to each his own” pomposity while still looking at you as a lesser being. You will never live up to his expectations because he himself don’t even know what excellence is and doesn’t possess it either – he just think you’re not good enough.


You will never be able to prove that he is wrong, fairness shall be damned and pride must prevail. He would only care much if given the opportunity to lambaste you, else you’re irrelevant. Do whatever you want, just be sure it won’t provoke scorn from him. What’s more saddening, he is your friend who’s supposed to lift you up. To cheer for you. To encourage you. To support you. If that is how he conduct his friendship with you, its better if you reconsider everything.


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