Intellectual Brawl Between Two Friends

Since I don’t use Facebook anymore because of all the snake-shits that is prevalent on the platform today, I wanna share some of my previous counter-arguments against a closed friend’s proposition regarding the recent petition to shut down Mocha Uson’s blog. My friend, whose name shall be hidden, is a passionate Duterte supporter and an apologetic that seems to have an unlimited supply of defensive ammunition to shield his beloved president from his critics, including me. To be clear, we don’t have bad bloods for each other, just some sort of intellectual brawl between us that is totally not personal but political in nature. Here is his proposition:


So here is my rebut:

I believe this is an honest mistake from the side of PDI. Whoever wrote this wrong article might have already been sack from his/her post. Yes, they have records of publishing misleading news but I can say its irrelevant and doesn’t have sway since a good percentage of the masses doesn’t even read broadsheets anyway because of, you know, the internet (ok its an assumption, but it can readily be observe). Publications like them put out not just news but other topics as well and its categorized. To say that they’re deliberately misleading the public using their prints as a whole is like saying the entire PNP is guilty of the crime committed by that PO3 Kho. And again, to say that the PDI is misleading the public is the same as accusing the society that they had no discerning ability to sort out the lies from the truths. Hindi naman tayo ganun ka tanga dba? No, you cannot pull out a “Dilawan” trump card here, coz the president of Inquirer, by marriage, is a Romualdez. Remember that.

Now, lets go to your first question:

“Magpepetition ka din ba na patahimikin ang Rappler at Inquirer gaya ng petition niyo kay Mocha Uson for the same reason?”

My answer is NO.

Reason #1:

Rappler and Inquirer are legitimate news outlet run by trained and well-educated well-informed journalist who goes out of the field to gather information while that Mocha and her blog suddenly appeared out of nowhere and declared herself the citizen journalist even without prior experience in the art of news/feature writing with sources of questionable credibility and basically relying on gossips as her source. Remember how she posted about AdMU’s lampoon issue, claiming it was secretly distributed in the campus as was told to her by one of her followers when in fact the satirical print was out in the open? Remember how she criticizes USAID without a single clue of what the organization’s mission is?

Reason # 2:

Petitioning Rappler and Inquirer to be silenced just because of publishing erroneous articles that by all means can be clarified and corrected, which they always do as per SOP, is preposterous. Matutulad lang to dun sa ginawa ni Sasot, international in scope.. international na kahihiyan na pinagtatawanan.

Reason # 3:

Rappler and Inquirer DOES NOT curse anybody. Nor they threaten anyone who chose to dissent. They present valid and proper counter-arguments in a formal decorum. On the other hand, you’re frontwoman is so used into calling dissenters names and use sarcasm (kayo na po ang matalino; kayo na po ang disente) to masked her inability to fire back intelligibly.

Reason #4:

The only crime the writers of these news outlet is guilty of is their publication of what the president said and did coming from himself and his own mouth which is apparently irritable to his supporters for they felt it is being slapped right to their faces the blunders of their super hero.

Lets go to your second question:

“Saan ka ba maniniwala sa ordinaryong tao na aminado, at alam nating nagkakamali, o sa mga “professional” na sinasadyang lokohin ka?”

Another case of your favorite false dichotomy/dilemma fallacy. You’re reducing the option to only just two when in fact there are a plethora of other options to consider (search for other sources, try to verify the claims, or just inhibit and don’t give a fuck). I’m sorry to say this, but it makes you look very very stupid every time you make use of it. Seriously, when will you have the time to read the link I gave to you? Para sayo din un kaibigan para naman mas maipagtanggol mo ng maayos, logically, ang idol mo.

Ok so lets just pretend for the moment I bought this line of reasoning you presented. This argument is really really absurd. To follow your logic, you are painting “professionals” as lying bastards that are out to get a piece of you. Are you not a “professional” print maker? You mean to say, you can fool your clients at your will, and they’re at your mercy depending on your mood? Isn’t Mocha Uson a professional too? Professional dancer turned political commentator that is out to spread lies? And what constitute an ordinary person that is infallible? Is there such a person?

Everyone can be mistaken. Lahat ay nagkakamali. You cannot say na tao lang sya at nagkakamali to prove her legitimacy because posting something without fact-checking it first and then repeating that same process again isn’t tolerable anymore. Once is enough, twice is too much and to repeat it again for the third time is absolute deliberateness of the deceit.

The petition to silence her blog is not to curb her freedom of speech. No one can EVER take away her right to speak. Even I, myself will fight to the death just so she can speak her thoughts out. But she cannot invoke that right to defend her habit of spreading lies and misinformation and reinforce the fallacy of false dilemma (If ayaw mo kay Duterte therefore dilawan ka!) to define the political spectrum of Philippine politics. Isn’t it ironic when she said, during the campaign period, that we don’t need freedom but discipline? Isn’t it hypocritical to read about her rants against CHR and the concept of human rights as a whole when these institution are the very reason she could be the citizen journalist she wants?

Feel free to leave some thoughts on the comments sections below or in my ‘Contact Me’ page.

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