Some Really Crazy Thoughts

So I was munching on some crispy chicharon sold alongside the streets of Rosario, Pasig City by an old but ecstatic man that is pissed off of Pres. Duterte allowing the husband of the woman who instigated harassment of his favorite band The Beatles to be buried at the Heroe’s Cemetery when suddenly a Jollibee hitching a ride on a jeepney passed by to my amused bewilderment.



It was an absolute WTF moment that induced upon me some wild crazy thoughts about some cartoon characters I used to watch when I was still a kid that I just want to discuss here. To my realization:

  1. Why is Tarzan – in his cartoon series being watched by children aged 7 and less – dangling in the trees with a girl clinging in his body almost naked?
  2. Why does Cinderella always comes home late? Where does she hangs out?
  3. Pinocchio is a habitual liar, hence his nose.
  4. Aladdin is a fucking thief, why does the police not coming into him?
  5. Batman drives with complete disregard to the safety of everyone when chasing his preys. Talk about impunity at its greatest level.
  6. Why is Snow White living in a house together with 7 males?
  7. Why is it that Popeye – a tattooed, drunk-ass sailor who took brawling with other dudes as a hobby – considered a role model to the youth?
  8. Why is Donald Duck and family had a roasted Turkey/Chicken/Duck in their table as a meal? That’s freaking cannibalism isn’t it?

I’m utterly confused xD

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1 Response to Some Really Crazy Thoughts

  1. Hi, I’m responding to your comment on my blog. I would be very curious to see what you have written about the Marcos era. Please notify me when you publish it.


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