Who The Hell


Dude, 28 years old from Pasig City, Philippines, land of the gullible and the zealous who think Pres. Duterte is a superhero. Full time lazy, wasted, and strung out BPO employee, part-time BS Aeronautical Engineering student of the greatest aviation school in the Philippines: PhilSCA VAB; projected to finish it for the next 10 years coz you know, time conflicts. Bedroom musician – worships Jimmy Page, dreams about Sharon Corr as his wife, imitates Billie Joe Armstrong like a moronic wannabe, has a perpetual sneer in his face like Sid Vicious, stinks like Johnny Rotten and generally acts like Justin Beiber. Nobody wants to make a band with him coz he’s too much of an old soul who deplores the current OPM music scene; can’t blame him coz today OPM is full of cliched and shitty ballads, terrible revivals blatantly spitting unto the original, annoying novelty songs that will absolutely pissed you off, moronic raps and pogi-rock inspired releases aimed at not yet menstruating teenage girls that all sounds horrible. Reclusive and a loner, he thinks people are full of prejudices, lies and contempt. This is his only social media presence coz he’s fed up with all the stupidity, gullibility, hypocrisy, pomposity and self-righteousness all over Facebook. To sum it all he’s an asshole so avoid him at all cost.