I miss you more than anything..

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Php 125,000

I wonder how it feels to own and play such an expensive guitar. But geez, I can make this thing moan like a girl being fucked lol. Regardless of her price tag, I’m not going to just hang it at our wall as an overrated furniture. She deserves to be played and abused like any other instrument and not to become just a display of status symbol.

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Yuletide is coming really fast. The surroundings are now being filled with splendid lights and displays. The evening breeze is starting to get chilly it requires me to wear sweaters while riding my scooter to work. But honestly, I enjoy the days before Christmas than the day itself. I don’t know why, but that just how it feels to me.

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Lazy afternoon with this song playing on the background. I wish I was a tin whistle so I could rest on Andrea’s lower lip lol. They did a great job in this cover and Jimi Hendrix is probably raping the replay button right now. Anthony Drennan, the guy on the dobro is underrated and deserve more recognition. His solo on this is one of the most sweetest melody I’ve heard. Jimi is amazed in him I’m sure. Them is one of the reason I would like to visit Ireland.

Hit the play button, its worth it. ♥

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Its a beautiful day, and I love to take pointless pictures of the blue sky above. Then I saw this bird, flying high. And then I yearned, hoping someday I can go up there too.

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I don’t dance. It’s a phenomenon I’m very happy to observe, but I can’t possibly imagine participating. But my thoughts of you will always overwhelm my hesitations. It’s something I can’t always resist and I will give in. So, will you dance with me anyway?

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